Chesterfield Lounges

Made to Order

At Chestefield Lounges you have the opportunity to define your own style. You are not beholden to the retailer in regards to the leather colour. You have the flexibility to order your new chesterfield in either leather or fabric. With our long standing relationship with leading Australian fabric house, Warwick Fabrics you will have an opprtunity to create your new chesterfield to suit your decor.

Generally, you will have the choice of either a 1 seater, 2 seater or 3 seater. There are also some models that are available as a corner suite. Again, you are not beholden to a certain configuration. If your space suits a larger or smaller suite we can order it to suit. We are unable to change seat sizes or heights etc, but we can change the amount of seating to fit your space

Cover - Leather or Fabric?

Available in YOUR choice of either our wide range of leather qualities and colours, or over 3,000 Warwick Fabrics. The traditional colours are washed off brown, washed off burgandy and washed off green. These are all 100% ITALIAN COWHIDE. The basic offering is for 100% tophide on all areas apart from the outside of the back and sides. These are covered with the second layer of leather called split. This is what the vast majority of our happy customers order. If you would like to order 100% top hide a 10% surcharge applies. Depending on the colours and type of leather used the costs can vary.


If you have had a quick look at our range you would know there are quite a few models for you to choose from! If you look closer you will see there are generally three types of seating. These are:

  • Buttoned - The seat is made with a board through the base. The buttons are then placed on the seat and the string pulled through the foam and board and stapled to the base. This gives a beautiful style and firmer seat.
  • Cushioned - The majority of our seats are made with a regular seat cushion. They will normally have 3mm pocket springs in the cushion and non-sag springs in the base. This gives a beautiful supportive seat, and they last for years.
  • Foam - Foam offers a wide variety of choices. You can order the normal seating foam. If you want a firmer seat, you can choose between high resilience foam (HR Foam), or moulded foam.

Depending on your choice there may be cost implications, but nothing extraordinary. We all have our preferences for what we find comfortable.

As a rule, the softer the seat, the faster it will collapse. The firmer the seat, the longer it will last. This obviously depends on certain factors like, the size of the individual, and the frequency of use.

The vast majority of our models are made with 3mm pocket springs and non sag springs in the base. If you have a preference, you can also have foam and high quality seating webbing. This will leave a softer feel in the seat cushion.

Commercial Orders

Chesterfield Lounges welcomes the opportunity to fulfil your commercial order. Again, we can manufacture your order in your choice of cover, your choice seating, and your choice of configuration. Obviously, with customer orders there is a lead time. This normally is 10 - 12 weeks depnding on our order cycle.

If the order is for high usage, we can also reinforce the frame for a $25 per seat charge.