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Wing Back Chairs

Wing Back Chairs

Chesterfield Lounges range many Wing Back Chairs. From the Classic Lancaster and Paris wing back armchairs to the buttoned seat of the Nadia, our wing chair range is sure to satisfy. There are a variety of wing chairs to look at. Many combinations are available.. You can also combine it with a Chesterfield sofa to add classic style to your area. Wing Back Chairs are popular in both homes and offices that want to add a stylish addition to there space.

Wing Chair Styling

Every budding Interior Designer wants add a personal touch to the room they are styling. Sometimes it is difficult to get the "right piece" for that space. Designer Wing Chairs are available at the Chesterfield Experience. Warwick Fabrics are a very well known fabric house with showrooms in many parts of Australia. The range of options that are available when sourcing your perfect Accent Wing Chair. Popular styling options include:

Leather Wing Chairs - Always a Favourite

Leather Wing Chairs are what many people perceive as a traditional example of this style. At The Chesterfield Experience Wing Chairs are available in a wide assortment of 100% leather colours. While the washed off burgandy or oxblood, washed off brown and washed off green leather colours rae seen as the most traditional colours, there are also many solid colours to choose from. Many of these colours ar elisted below. The Chesterfield Experinece has a great range of leather wing chairs to choose from. From a cushioned bottom seat to a buttoned bottom seat you can order your chair with, or without studs on the arm facings.

What are the Advantages of Leather Wing Chairs?

Well, leather wing chairs will show great resilience. The chiars froom the The Chresterfield Experience are all made with a combination of hardwood, plywood and New Zealand pine, so the frames are of a superior quality. Of course, leather is renowned for its ease of cleaning and wear resistance. With the range of leathers available you can order your chair to suiot your current decor. Why not get one made in an orange of lime to add an accent toyour room? By purchasing a leather wing chair you don't have to worry about it going out of style. These chairs have been around for centuries and one of the reasons is that leather never goes out of style.

Wing Chairs - Many Options Available

Fabric Wing Chairs are always in fashion with interior stylists. The contrast in colour and texture that can be achieved is remarkable. Interior designers have been known to buy furniture for looks. You can get some great upholstery ideas for Wing Chairs from magazines and television lifestyle shows.

The best thing when purchasing from the Chesterfield Experience is you can source these Wing Chair Designs:

Traditional Wing Chairs

When you think traditional wing chairs images will be conjured of deep leather colours, studs around the arms and a timeless style that continues to be at the forefront of interior design. While the next step in wing chair design may be a more modern look, traditional wing chairs are very popular in many offices and homes throughout the world. The offices of many lawyers, doctors and head offices of majot corporate companies are adorned with the traditional styling of a leather wing chair. You can combine your new wing chair with a chesterfield sofa that will complement each other. This is avery popular method to incorporate different styles into an overall design.

Contemporary Wing Chairs

The step in the evolution of the wing chair design is the development of contemporary wing chairs. What does this mean? It means you can use different leather colours or fabric colours. You can use different tyextures of fabrics. Why not try a wing chair with a combination of diffeent colours? The traditional Queen Anne leg may be replaced with something new and exciting. Probably the method most people will use to modernise their new wing chair is to use a different fabric that can really make a chair pop. 

Wing Chair Recliner

Accent Wing Chairs

Look at any interior design or home styling magazine and you will see the many methods that designers and home owners use a wing chair to add a feature to a space. Accent chairs are widely used and Accent Wing Chairs are commonly used in both offices and homes for extra seating, or just to style a room. With so many options available for covering your chair there is no excuse why your chair should not be an item that reflects your personality or feel you are trying to generate in your room. 

The Chesterfield Experience has many different models of chairs that are available for you to individualise with your own fabric choice or leather choice. 

Patchwork Wing Chair

When you are talking about the development of the wing chair to a more contemporary feel, the Patchwork Wing Chair is a great example of how you can adda bit of your own individual style to this traditional design. With Warwick Fabrics having such a huge range to choose from you can have your chair upholstered in a patchwork design to really stand out from the crowd. Not only fabric, you can also choose a patchwork design ion leather. The design lends itself to this type of styling because of the buttoned features. Our factory can add that individual touch that will make your piece a one of a kind.

Wing Back Definition

Historically Wing Back Chairs were developed in the 1600's. The design was unique in that its function was to trap heat from the fire around the user - pretty clever. Most commonly they have a HIgh Back and can be quite tall. They are perfect as an accent chair and are very popular with deisgners looking for the perfect way to finish a room with class. They are fairly traditional, but can be made more contemporary by upholstering them in velvet or funky colours like purple, yellow or even black and white. A Wing Arm Chair will forever be a statement in your room.

Wing Chair Construction

You want to know how our chairs are made - well they are all made with a robust frame. Constructed using a combination of hardwood, plywood and New Zealand Pine to give years of substantial support. The seat will be either pocket sprung with support from non sag springs or plywood base with foam (for the buttoned bottom seat chairs). 100% leather is used for all our wing back armchairs, or your choice of fabric.

The Swivel Wing Chair range we have available use the same high quality timber frame. Not only this, the Swivel Wing Chairs can be made using either leather or fabric. Personalise your own chair.

Navy Blue Wing Chair
Blue Wing Chair
Brown Wing Chair
White Wing Chair
Black and White Wing Chair
Green Wing Chair
Red Wing Chair
Grey Wing Chair
Oxblood Wing Chair
Velvet Wing Chair
Fabric Wing Chair

A great assortment of other leather colours are also available. Of course, you can order your Wing Chair Online at the Chesterfield Experience. You can order great quality but cheap wing chairs. 

Fabric Wing Chair

Don't want a leather wing back chair? Well you can choose from thousands of Warwick Fabrics to add a unique look to your home or office. Maybe a velvet Wing Back Chair or a yellow fabric. You can also order your new armchair with or without studs on most models. On the models with cushioned sprung seats you can get them made either firmer or softer depending on your preference.

A Wing Back Chair will find a place in almost any home or office. Comfort and a unique appearance add the wing back chair as the original furniture feature or accent chair. Looking for a Wing Chair or Armchair? Chesterfield Lounges is the place to find it!

Queen Anne Wing Chairs

Queens Anne Wing Chairs are a well known style of Wing Chair. In essence, the Queen Anne Chair is characterised as being smaller than its predecessors. Its lines are more generally rounded and quite often will have a feature of walnut timber and the famous Cabriole leg. This is sometimes referred to by our customers as the "Queen Anne Leg". Many of The Chesterfield Experiences range are in the Queen Anne Style, and almost all use the leg made famous by this particular style.

Another major fetaure of the Queen Anne Style is the use of fabric to upholster the chairs. While leather is very common, a vast array of fabrics are also suitable. The Chesterfield Experience can arrange to have any chair in the range upholstered in your choice of Warwick Fabric. Moreover, the Customer can also provide your own fabric.

Customers will regularly come into the showroom and enquire about getting an older chair recovered. Unfortunately the cost of doing this can sometimes outweigh the cost of a new chair. We understand there are emotional ties to many pieces of furniture and we have several upholsterers that we highly recommend to do restoration work. If this proves too costly we are also happy to recommend a new piece to fit into your particular space and design.

Australia Wide Delivery

Having been in business for many years, the Chesterfield Experience has built many quality relationships with freight companies that will deliver your new Wing Chair throughout Australia. If you are unable to generate a quote in our system please contact us so we can follow up with a local freight company and ensure you can get your new chair.

Major areas we deliver to include: