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Chesterfield Experience is constantly looking at ways to make your purchase decision easier. When we look at other retailers the offering is generally fairly constricted in regards to configuration and cover. At Chesterfield Experience, you can order any of our range in the configuration you require to fit your space and the cover your require to suit your decor. You can order your new Chesterfield with either 100% cow hide, buffalo hide or your choice of warwick Fabrics.

For that reason, we do not usually keep stock. When purchasing from Chesterfield Experience you are getting a 100% custom made lounge for your home or office.

Our lead times are up to 10 -12 weeks depending on our order cycle. We can organise freight to your home or office. We have an array of options to ensure your new Chesterfield arrives in the condition it left our premises. You also have the option of sourcing your own freight, or you can pick it up from our warehouse. We have sent Chesterfields to all corners of this vast country, from Esperance in WA, to Hobart in Tasmania, and also up to the tropcal far North Queensland.

We have a policy of only charging the customer what we are charged for freight - there is no hidden margin invloved in our freight cost.

Obvioulsy when organising delivery we try to be as flexible with timing, but larger freight companies will generally have delivery windows which need to be adhered to. Extra costs could be included for delivery outside these times. When your new Chesterfield arrives in store we will phone you for payment on dispatch from our warehouse. If there are any issues with delivery please notify us within 48 hours to ensure we can follow up immediately.

City/TownOttoman/Foot Stool1 Seat2 Seats3 Seats4 Seats5 Seats
 Brisbane  $70  $100  $100  $100  $100  $100
 Sydney  $70  $100  $200  $250  $350  $350
 Melbourne  $70  $100  $200  $250  $350  $350
 Adelaide  $70  $130  $220  $280  $550  $550
 Cairns/Townsville/Mackay/Rockhampton  $70  $130  $200  $350  $350  $350
 Bundaberg  $70  $130  $200  $300  $300  $300
 Hervey Bay/Maryborough  $70  $250  $300  $300  $300  $300
 Sunshine Coast  $70  $100  $150  $150  $150  $150
 Toowoomba  $70  $100  $150  $150  $150  $150
 Gold Coast  $70  $100  $150  $150  $150  $150
 Ballina  $70  $200  $200  $200  $200  $200

 Grafton/Coffs Harbour/Kemspey/

Port Macquarie/Taree/

 $70  $220  $220  $220  $350  $350
 Newcastle/NSW Central Coast  $70  $220  $220  $220  $350  $350
 Woolongong  $70  $280  $350  $420  $450  $450
 Canberra  $70  $100  $280  $320  $550  $550

NB: All Pricing is subject to change without notice. All pricing is based on a one person delivery to major centres. There could be a surcharge based on the use of two people for delivery.<

All pricing for deliveries is based on delivery to the greater area of the centre eg. Greater Brisbane includes Ipswich but does not include areas outside Ipswich, Melbourne includes suburbs within Melbourne, not Dandenong, Mornington Peninsula or Geelong. Chesterfield Experience reserves the right to increase the freight charge based on deliveries outside of the areas stated.

Chesterfield Experience are happy to organise delivery to areas throughout Australia, You are also welcome to organise your own delivery if pick up can be arranged during normal office hours (10am - 3pm Monday to Friday) from our warehouse.

If you have any questions regarding freight please let us know.

Privacy & Security

Chesterfield Experience has a policy of not keeping any credit card details.

Cancelled Order, Returns & Replacements

While our number one foucs is ensuring you receive your lounge in 100% condition, we are aware that on occasion problems do occur. A 25% restocking fee will be charged if an order is cancelled or returned. Please ensure all products are returned in their original packaging. All costs of return will be paid for by the customer. Any refund owing will have the cost of freight deducted from the refunded amount.


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