Executive Office Chairs

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Leather Executive Office Chairs

We know what it is like, exhaustive searches for good quality leather executive office chairs. You have seached through all the major retailers and have come up empty. The vast majority of executive office chairs are ergonomically perfect, webbed, or poly urethane covered chairs. The executive office chairs available from Chesterfield Gallery are the perfect chair to match your desires. Upholstered in 100% leather and with a gas lift to either raise or lower the seat, the chairs can also tilt back to improve your comfort level.

Boardroom Chair

Of course, all our chairs would complement many bordrooms. The Presidents Leather Wing Back Office Chair is a perfect example of a chair that can be used as boardoom chairs. 100% leather with a sturdy frame, it will provide many hours of comfort while you apply your mind to the order of business, or study. The swivel base will also allow you to manuever the chair away from the table.

Office Chair Brown Leather

As with all our chesterfield furniture, it is available in many leather and fabric options. If you are looking for an office chair in brown leather, you can choose from either our washed off brown "traditional" leather colour, or our chocolate, solid leather. Other leather colours that are readily available on order, are black, white, blue, tan, grey and many other colours.

Executive Leather Chairs

Our executive leather chairs are made out of 100% real leather, It is upholstered in either cow or buffalo leather depending on your preference. Nothing reeks of quality like real leather, so don't allow yourself to be manipulated into buying "synthetic leather", or "faux leather". These are not real leather and will not last as well as a real leather executive office chair from Chesterfield Gallery

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