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Classic Chesterfield Sofas Affordable for Everyone

The cost of some chesterfield lounges would knock you over, but at Chesterfield you can choose from a wide selection of both high back chesterfield lounges and low back chesterfield sofas to suit your home or office. You have probably seen the classic old chesterfield style lounges in lawyers offices, or in the club rooms of many presigious clubs throughout the world. Well , now you can own your own piece of classic luxury, at a fraction of the price you will pay elsewhere.

Chesterfield Furniture Store

One of the challenges when looking at the option of purchasing your Chesterfield Sofa Original is the choice of designs that are available. Your choice of Chesterfield Sofa Design can have a huge impact on how your room looks. The use of a low back Chesterfield Sofa can really open up your space, while the use of a high back Chesterfield Sofa will close off a large room. Chesterfield Lounges is the best Chesterfield Sofa shop in Australia with many different designs that are sure to fit your requirements. With many choices of either leather or fabric you will be spoilt for choice.

What is the difference between a Faux Leather Chesterfield or Look Alike Chesterfield and a Vintage Chesterfield or Original Chesterfield?

Everyone loves the idea of buying an Original Chesterfield, or a Vintage Chesterfield. But what is an Original Chesterfield? In our opinion, an original chesterfield would be one made by the original artisans of centuries ago. These are very hard to find, and very expensive! Any one can say they make original chesterfields, but what does this mean? Traditionally, frames would be made using tongue and groove, or dowell. The leather used is top grain, and one hide is used for the back and is deep buttoned to give that original chesterfield style.This is both time consuming and expensive in todays manufacturing environment.

Some of us are very happy to pay the extra money required to buy a Chesterfield manufactured in the traditional style. For others the cost can be prohibitive. This is why if you source your new Chesterfield Sofa from Chesterfield Lounges it is such a great opportunity. As well as the broad range of both high back and low back leather chesterfield sofas available, you can choose many colours or fabrics which will  ensure your new chesterfield matches your decor. Chesterfield Lounges offer a great range of leather sofas with manufacturing qualities such as:

  • Hand made Chesterfield Furniture
  • Combination of Hardwood, Plywood and New Zealand Pine Frames
  • Choice of Sprung cushions, foam cushions or feather/foam seat cushions
  • Zig-Zag/non-sag springs used in base to give great support
  • 100% Italian Cow Hide Leather
  • 1000's of choices of leather and fabric

If you consider the style and materials of the Chesterfield Lounges range we are happy to say our Chesterfields are genuine Chesterfield sofas.

What makes a Comfortable Chesterfield?

We believe Chesterfields are a great sofa for sitting, but maybe not so good for "lounging". One of the benefits of using a chesterfield sofa is the firm feel through the lower back. Coupled with the sprng base, you have the formula for a sofa that supports your back and makes you sit "correctly". At Chesterfeild Lounges you also have the benefit of choosing your seating cushion. Choose from either fully sprung seats, foam or feather and foam cushions. You have the opportunity to make your new lounge as firm or soft (within reason) as possible. 

Maybe you could have your chesterfield upholstered in a nice Velvet fabric to soften the feel of the upholstery. Some people do not really like the feel of leather. At Chesterfield Lounges you have this choice. If you are looking for more of a comfortable seat, why not have a look at our high back chesterrfield range. From the Carolina to the M2263 we have several choices.

The Yorkshire recliner chair and the Rwanda recliner suite are examples of how you can achieve the look of the Chesterfield with the comfort of the recliner. The C9025 is also a great option. it is a push back recliner which needs some space behind it, but you get the classic look of the winged armchair.

Where can I use Chesterfield Furniture?

A Classic Chesterfield Sofa such as the Winchester can be used in many situations. Commonly found in the boardrooms of large companies, Law Offices and reception areas, it is equally at home in the home environment. Indeed, this is where it originated. The Earl of Chesterfield requested a lounge to be developed that would not crease his visitors clothes.

Chesterfield Sofa Australia

There are many suppliers of Chesterfield sofas throughout Australia. Only one supplier gives you the wide range of styles that are sure to find a place in your home or office. Chesterfield Lounges offer a huge range of both high-back and low back Chesterfields and are available in either leather or fabric.  From the low back Winchester chesterfield sofa, one of our most popular products, to the Carolina High back Chesterfield sofa, the attention to detail and flexibility in cover is what brings our customers back to us. Rarely in today’s digital marketplace can you get the flexibility to get your new chesterfield sofa made in either 100% leather, Warwick fabrics or our factory fabric. You will certainly find the flexibility in design that you have hoped for.

Chesterfield Lounges delivers throughout Australia. The company is regarded as one of the top suppliers of Chesterfields in this niche market. We have delivered sofas to all points of the compass throughout Australia. We have close relationships with many interstate furniture removal lists and courier companies to ensure your new Chesterfield gets delivered in tiptop condition.

Chesterfield Lounges has supplied sofas to many hotel projects such as the Normanby Hotel in Brisbane, the Osborne Hotel in Brisbane and the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba. 

Affordable Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield Lounges recognises their prices are amongst the most competitive offered in the Australian market. All our sofas are made with superior quality. From the 100% leather cover to the robust frame and spring seating, your new Chesterfield Lounge will last for many years.

There are many other chesterfield sofas available in the Australian market.  There are both Australian made and product imported from overseas. Chesterfield Lounges has been sourcing their quality chesterfield sofas from the same supplier in Malaysia since 2003. We believe the difference in quality between the more expensive sofas and the range that we offer is minimal. Chesterfield Lounges only offers 100% leather sofas or your choice of either Warwick fabric or our factory fabrics.

No longer does your new chesterfield sofa have to cost you six months wages.  At Chesterfield Lounges you got a high-quality chesterfield sofa at a fraction of the cost. We support this with a full warranty and guarantee our workmanship and longevity. Having been in business since 2003 we can say that our quality is what has kept us  competitive in the market, and our great pricing as well.

Chesterfield Sofa Design

The chesterfield couch design is famous for its deep buttoned upholstery, rolled arms and studded detail. While not everybody's cup of tea the chesterfield style is one that has lasted the est of time. From its initial development centuries ago to its modern revival a chesterfield sofa has found its way into many homes and offices throughout the world. At Chesterfield Lounges you can choose from our wide range of chesterfields that have different characteristics. many of our chesterfields are made using the comfortable sprung seat and ziz zag spring system that is very popular. Also, there are several designs that are fully upholstered seats. These are fully buttoned and are a firmer seal and are perfect for customers that are either using them in an office environement or simply only want a firm seat. 

Chesterfield Sofa Decor

One of the advantages of choosing a chesterfield style couch is that you can get them upholstered in either leather or fabric to suit your decor. Not everone likes the feel of leather and many would prefer and softer texture such as velvet that have a super comfortable feel. Many of the velvets are a polyester blend so they can be cleaned very easily, as are many of the fabrics available from warwick fabrics - our main fabric supplier. 

At Chesterrfield Lounges you also have the opportunity to get a chesterfield sofa made in a fabric of your choosing. We have had chesterfields upholstered in anything from a velvet to a floral pattern, from leather to vinyl. 

Chesterfield Construction

Our chesterfield sofas are manufactured using a combination of hardwood, plywood and New Zealand Pine to give a supportive base. To add to comfort, our lounges with cushions have non sag springs with pocket springs. The buttoned seat lounges have a plywood base and high resilience foam.


Why not order your new chesterfield lounge in a Warwick fabric. Choos from thousands of fabrics to bring some individuality to your space.

Chesterfield Sofas can now be a part of everyones home. Combine your new lounge with a wing chair or footstool. All available from the most diverse range of chesterfield lounges in Australia

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