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High Back Chesterfield Lounges

Chesterfield Gallery offer a great range of high back chesterfield lounges. Customers are pleasantly surprised to find they can get a chesterfield that has a high back. There perceived comfort is improved because of the added support across the shoulders and upper back. The range extends from the M2263 to the Carolina. They have a variety of configuration options available. Most are available as either a 1 seater, 2 seater or 3 seater to fit your room. The deep buttoning is a feature that catches the attention. Coupled with the roll arm and studded detail, the high back chesterfield ticks all the boxes

Why Buy a High Back Lounge

The high back chesterfield offers several benefits. When looking at a classic low back chesteerrfield, the purchaser may not feel compfrotable with the lack of support across the upper back. Whereas some people love the feel of the low back and the implied requirement to "sit correctly", others are looking for more support. 

The other benefit of the nigh back lounge is to give a degree of gravitas to a room. The low back chesterfields can give a less impactful feel to a room, where the high back can really give that regal "Queen Anne" furniture feel. The Paris 2 seater and 3 seater are examples of this.

Advantages of a High Back Lounge

The main advantage of the high back lounge is the comfort factor. One of the most common decsions to make when buying a lounge is "fashion over function". Customers really love the look of the classic chesterfields but when they sit on them they are not quite as impressed. When looking at buying a chesterfield consider these points:

  • What are the measurements of the room, and what configuration would I ideally like.
  • What colour would ideally suit the room, and what cover is preferrable. For example, is a traditional leather chesterfield the preference, or would a fabric chesterfield be more appropriate?
  • In regards to comfort, high back or low back chesterfield? Only you can decide this one. Maybe you have always had high back lounges and despite the fact you love the low back chesterfield, the idea of sitting in them for a long time is a challenge.

Can I Buy a Fabric High Back Chesterfield Lounge?

Fabric chesterfield lounges are becoming more popular. At Chesterfield Gallery you have the opportunity to order your new chesterfield in either our factory fabrics or the wide selction of fabrics from Warwick Fabrics. You can go to any of their showrooms and discuss fabric options with them that will suit you space and budget. Velvet chesterfields are especially popular, while linen and even yellow chesterfields have proven popular.

What are my options?

At Chesterfield Gallery, you can choose:

  • Leather or fabric (or a combination of both)
  • Legs to suit your styling or preference (from our selcetion)
  • Provide your own fabric (extra cost involved to transport to our factory)
  • Different configurations
  • Studs - individual or stud strips. Brass and silver also available.

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