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Classic Chesterfield Style

Classic chesterfield style ahs lasted the test of time, and no where is this better demonstrated than in the many greta homes of Australia, Europe and throughout the world. The chesterfield style has travelled well outside the traditional home of the Chesterfield in Great Britain and can be seen in many homes, both traditional and modern throughout the world. People love the old world charm of the traditional chesterfield, but also have the opportunity to modernise it with different fabrics, or a different coloured leather to really make it a feature of their home or office. 

Don't be held back by what you consider an chesterfield should look like. Contact us to find out what your opotions are to personalise your new sofa.

Why Buy a Traditional Chesterfield

Traditional chesterfield sofas have been a feature of homes for hundreds of years. Many people have fond memories of the old chesterfield lounge there grand parents had. Many chesterfields are passed down through the generations, often re-covered and become a family heirloom. There is so much affection fo rthes epieces of furniture that the chesterfield is unique for this reason. There are not too many recliner suites passed down to your grand children.

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