Wing Back Chairs

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Wing Back Chairs

Chesterfield Lounges range many Wing Back Chairs. From the Classic Lancaster and Paris wing back armchairs to the buttoned seat of the Nadia our wing chair range is sure to satisfy. There are a variety of wing chairs to look at. You can order any configuration you like. You can also combine it with a chesterfield sofa to add classic style to your area. Wing Back Chairs are popular in both homes and offices.

 Wing Chair Definition

 Historically Wing Back Chairs were developed in the 1600's. The design was unique in that the function of the Chair Wing was to trap heat from the fire around the user - pretty clever. Most commonly they have a High Back and can be quite tall.

The Chesterfield Wing Back Chair is perfect as an accent chair and are very popular with deisgners looking for the perfect way to finish a room with class. They are fairly traditional, but can be made more contemporary by upholstering them in velvet or funky colours like purple, yellow or even black and white. A Wing Arm Chair will forever be a statement in your room 

Wing Lounge Chair

Of course, the idea of using a wing chair in the lounge room is the most common usage. Quite often customers will mix and match their chesterfields. They may buy a chesterfield sofa and match a wing chair or two to give the eclectic feel they are after. Other uses of the Wing lounge Chair have been to place one in the bedroom as a sitting or reading chair. You can have your wing lounge chair upholstered in either leather or fabric to really individualise your new chair.

Wing Armchairs

Wing Armchairs are great nursing chairs for new Mums. With their high back and supportive arms they give solid support and comfort for feeding. Perfect in many rooms, they are often the subject of positive feedback from your visitors. "Where did you get that chair, its beautiful", is a very common comment we hear when we have customers come in who have been referred to us from a very happy purchaser. Chesterffield Gallery has many happy customers that have returned through the years. 

Wing Chairs

Best Wing Chairs

The Best Wing Chairs are the ones that immediately catch your eye. Everyone has a preference. Maybe they like Traditional Wing Back Chairs or Modern High Back Wing Chairs. At The Chesterfield Experience the Best Wing Back Chairs are available for you. Have them upholstered in either leather or fabric and all of a sudden, you have your perfect Wing Chair!

Wing Chair Online

You are able to order your new Wing Chair Online. Use our online ordering system to order the chair you want in one of lour factory leathers. If you are after something a little more individual, give us a call, or email, and we can discuss your requirements and complete the order direct with you. You will find it difficult to find better value Wing Chairs anywhere on the web. At the Chesterfield Experience, your online order will save you hundreds of dollars off normal retail pricing. 

Leather Wing Back Chair

 A Win Back Leather Chair will give your room the type of prescence only certain pieces of furniture can provide. Leather Wing Chairs upholstered in colours from the traditional oxblood to brown, purple to pink, will give your room that indivual spark only a Wing Back Chair in Leather can provide. We also

Wing Back Chair Leather

Wing Back Leather Chair

Leather Wing Chairs

Leather Wing Chair

Wing Leather Chair


Options - Also Available in Fabric

We have a wide selection of leather colours including Navy, Blue, White, Black, Green, Red, Grey and a great assortment of other choices. Don't want a leather wing back chair? Well you can choose from thousands of Warwick Fabrics to add a unique look to your home or office. Maybe a velvet Wing Back Chair or a yellow fabric. You can also order your new armchair with or without studs on most models. On the models with cushioned sprung seats you can get them made either firmer or softer depending on your preference.

A Wing Back Chair will find a place in almost any home or office. Comfort and a unique appearance add the wing back chair as the orignal furniture feature or accent chair. Looking for a Wing Chair or Armchair? Chesterfield Lounges is the place to find it!


Some of the many choices and popular colour choices are outlines below:

Purple Wing Back Chair

A Purple Wing Back Chair is a real statement. We have had many customers ask us for a purple accent chair and our response is that you can get any of our wing chairs upholstered in purple fabric. If required, you could also get one upholstered in purple leather. Purple is also a great colour if using a velvet.

 Yellow Wing Back Chair

 At the Chesterfield Experience you have the choice of having your new wing chair upholstered in great quality washed off yellow. A yellow velvet is also a great choice. Warwick Fabrics offer a fantastic selection of yellow fabrics for you to choose from. If you like you can provide your own yellow leather if you have a particular supplier you would rather use.

 Green Wing Back Chairs

Looking for a traditional colour to use in your wing chair? Green wing back Chairs tick all the boxes in regards to this preference. In concert with brown and oxblood, green is the most requested leather colour. The Chesterfield Experience has several green leathers to choose from including solid colours such as Antique Olive and traditional green, to the Washed Off Green commonly associated with Chesterfield Sofas.

Oxblood Wing Chairs

Talking Traditional Wing Chairs and you are talking Oxblood Wing Chairs. Oxblood Wing Chairs bring to mind old English libraries. Dark timbers and bookcases with the prefect wing chair added for comfort and aesthetic appeal. Our washed off burgundy will age and soften over time and eventually will give the same appealing feeling of comfort and old world class. All chairs from the Chesterfield Experience are available in this, one of our most popular colours.

Pink Wing Back Chair

 Sometimes the traditional look of the wing chair is not suitable for its intended use. Spark up the look of your wing chair by ordering a Pink Wing Back Chair. You can peruse the many pink fabrics from Warwick fabrics. From a beautiful, soft velvet to a choice of many other pink fabrics, you are sure to find the pink fabric you seek. Pink is a real standout colour, and as a accent wing chair in your room can really draw rave comments from your visitors.

Black and White Wing Chair

 One of our specialties is doing a best to make your chair in the cover of your choice. While untraditional, a Black and White Wing Chair can be manufacture din either 100% leather or fabric. This piece will really stand out and have an impact. You don’t have to order your chair in the three colours that have made wing chairs so popular. You can have a distinctive addition to your home and office by ordering a black and white wing back chairs. Black and White not your preference – why not combine some of our other colours. All colour combinations are available at a small extra cost.

Grey Wing Back Chairs

Navy Blue Wing Chair

Black Wing Back Chair

Blue Wing Back Chair

Blue Wing Chair

Black Wing Back Chairs

Green Wing Chair

Patchwork Wing Chair

Brown Wing Chair

White Wing Chairs



Modern High Back Wing Chairs

High Back Wing Chair



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Wing Chair Furniture

Wing Chair Designs

Upholstering a Wing back Chair

Wing Chairs for Living Room

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You want to know how our chairs are made - well they are all made with a robust frame. Constructed using a combination of hardwood, plywood and New Zealand Pine to give years of substantial support. Depending on the style the seat will be either pocket sprung with support from non sag springs or plywood base with foam (for the buttoned bottom seat chairs). 100% leather is used for all our wing back armchairs. 

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