Manchester Classic Chesterfield Lounge

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Manchester Chesterfield Foot Stool

$ 799.00

Manchester Chesterfield Oval Foot Stool

$ 899.00

Manchester Chesterfield 3 seater

$ 2,899.00

Manchester Chesterfield club chair

$ 1,399.00

Manchester Chesterfield 2 seater

$ 2,499.00

Available Leather Colours :

Price Dependent on fabric or type of leather used.

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Manchester Chesterfield Foot Stool
Manchester Chesterfield Oval Foot Stool
Manchester Chesterfield 3 seater
Manchester Chesterfield club chair
Manchester Chesterfield 2 seater

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The Manchester Chesterfield Lounge is a great addition to your home, office or reception area. Fully buttoned, and firm seating is perfect if using it in any environment. Upholstered in 100% leather and built with a robust frame the Manchester Chesterfield Lounge will addclass to any room

Product Details

A Chesterfield Lounge That Will Make A Statement

Are are looking for a great Chesterfield Lounge? Now you have found it!! Finally the one piece of furniture that will stand out in your room and make a statement. With our Manchester chesterfield sofas you are purchasing a family heirloom that will be passed down through the years.


Built on a frame of hardwood and plywood. The seat base is made of non-sag, zig-zag springs and the upholstered base is hand made using high quality foam. If you are looking for a chesterfield louunge that is a little bit different look no further than chesterfield you have one of the largest ranges of chesterfield sofas in Australia.

We can ship them anywhere - and have- We have sent our chesterfield sofas as far afield as Port Headland and Darwin, to North Queensland and Tasmania. If you are searching for Chesterfield Lounges in Brisbane we can help you out there as well. When you are looking for a classic styled chesterfield lounge, you have many options.

Many Options are Available

Make sure you compare price and quality. It is not just about the price. You may pay a lot and get very similar features to what you can purchase here at half the price.You may pay half the price of what you can purchase for here but get none of the features that we have on our suites. Always try to compare the features and then the price. Think about what you could do with those extra funds you save by purchasing through us.

Your Manchester chesterfield lounge is also available as a chesterfield leather armchair. You can match this with a chesterfield 2 seater and 3 seater if required. A Wing Chair is a great option to fill out your room and don't forget, you can order your chesterfield lounge in either leather or your choice of Warwick fabric. Or if preferred, you can also provide your own covering, and we will manufacture in this as well. For one of the largest ranges of chesterfield sofas in Australia, visit our website. We are very flexible in regards to coverings and configurations. You can order whichever configuration you like. If you are a club or professional office suite we will be able to help you out with your chesterfield lounge requirements.

Product Dimensions

3 Seater W - 216 cm D - 95 cm H - 75 cm

2 Seater W - 164 cm D - 95 cm H - 75 cm

1 Seater W - 108 cm D - 95 cm H - 75 cm

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